WiFi as a client and a hotspot at the same time

i need to share same WiFi (like i’ve got one login+password from my hotel) connection and use it on my laptop, mobile phone etc.
Is it possible with Gl-inet travel box hardware ?
This would not be a repeater mode. Maybe i simply need another WiFi hardware like usb stick ?
So on board WiFi whould go to AP Client mode and - second one into a AP and serve dhcp / do NAT etc?

Yes you can use the router.

Not sure why you call it not a repeater because it is simply is.

as for repeater mode i’ve used to simply have a wide wifi network (same dhcp, same subnet).
What i need is to NAT many clients for one IP.
which hardware you would recommend for this ?

In our firmware:

Repeater = connecting to one WiFi network and broadcast its own WiFi with NAT, also called wireless WAN

Extender = connecting to one WiFi network and make a bridge without NAT

The router support both.

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And precise hardware type does not matter ?
Could it repeat (dhcp+nat) also on LAN ports, so on Mango GL-MT300N-V2, i’ve got - Wifi Client, Wifi Repeater and also a two ethernet ports for LAN?
if that is true - where should i buy it (EMEA, PL) ? Any official store ?

It is yes to your question.

You can go to www.gl-inet.com and find the sales channels.