WiFi Country codes again - US Beryl living in the EU

Hey Guys,

I have my US purchased Beryl, Slate and Flint here with me in the EU.

Do I need to tune the WiFi country codes?

I took a look at the wifi config in /etc/config and it is listed as country code CN

What do you guys think?


Be a nice person and change it to the country you’re in. Your phone etc might do it automatically and then might not be able to connect to your router, if it broadcasts on a not locally approved channel.

Thanks, as a HAM radio operator I want to be a nice person and change it, I’m asking how and where to change it, properly without screwing up my router config.

Is it simply a matter of changing it via SSH in the config file, or is that gonna cause problems?


This works on my MT3000

Go to Luci → Network → MTk Wifi

Thanks for this information.

I was just coming to the community here to ask a similar question. I also have a US-purchased Beryl 3000 AX and I will be traveling to Brazil in a few days.

Does this setting adjust frequencies and power levels? Is there anything else that should be adjusted to be a good citizen when traveling with the Beryl AX ?

Is this stuff documented anywhere? It seems like this kind of information should be very clearly documented for a product advertised as a “travel router” like the Beryl AX.


How do I do this on an AXT-1800 Slate AX. That option isn’t on the drop-down.


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I think you put it more eloquently than I did… as a “Travel Router” we should probably have a menu item, drop down etc… to adjust to the host country.

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I do not see that option on my Beryl.

She is A GL-MT1300
Running 3.216 code.

Hi genki,

That’s exactly correct. In many countries, the frequencies, power levels, and maybe other items must be adjusted. I’m pretty smart about technology, but when I tried to research the proper Wi-Fi settings for a recent trip, I quickly got confused.

Operating on the wrong frequency might not work, or it might create interference with other nearby users. And even if it does work, it could be dangerous, or illegal. You do not want to find out what happens if you block a police or fire channel while watching Netflix.

I agree that this should be an easily accessible setting somewhere in “Settings”. Probably should have its own view to stand out from the crowd.

You can’t be certified in some countries if that option is too visible. :wink:

From luci, you go wireless, then you edit one ssid for each radio → advanced settings → country

I do not see an option for Wireless Country Code under Luci - Wireless on my Beryl GL-MT1300

Which countries have such restrictions?

UK comes to mind, but I’m not sure.