Wifi disconnecting Flint2 - AX6000

Since last night I have been experiencing this, the connected devices are getting kicked off the wifi network and after that no one is able to join back the wifi, unless I restart the router.

I have switched off the VPN ( this didn’t help)
Switched off the Parental Control (didn’t solve the problem)

I am not sure what else to check, it is just the wifi that is causing the issue.


There are numerous threads regarding this issue.

How many devices? Which Wi-Fi configuration?
What do they logs say?

Get ‘eyes up’ first OP:

downgrade to version 4.5.2 and it will work normally again 4.5.3 and 4.5.4 have very annoying bugs like this one with wifi and also causing some random reboots, related to the kernel

Post logs so GL can check.

After upgrade frimware most issue is adguard home if you changed configuration inside yaml…
Share your logs👍🏻

I have about 20 devices connected to the wifi

Using both 2.4 and 5 (with the same SSID name)

There is not much in the logs that I can make sense off.
What should I look for in the logs specifically?

I was not bale to find anything specifically for my issue so I started a new one.
Could you please point me to those links so I can follow up for the solution.

Thanks in advance

I have not changed the yaml file.
How do you even do that?

How do I downgrade the firmware?

I am really confused.
This morning the reboot of the Modem changed the “Blocked” to “Access” and I have to manually give access to all wifi devices connected.
The firmware is still the same, so nothing changed there how come this has changed?

Similar issue here.

GL.iNet download center (gl-inet.com) Please download the firmware 4.5.2,And then install it manually.

Yes I can see those messages in the log. Just couldn’t make out what they were.

Thanks mate

Will do that and see if this fixes the issue.