Wifi going down every few hours

I am using the Flint 2 (AX6000) as router.
From the last few days the wifi has been very unstable.
I see the following in the logs and then all the devices on the wifi are kicked off and are not allowed back, unless I reboot the device.
This is happening multiple times a day and sometimes even after the reboot the device is not allowed back on the wifi.

Currently, I am on the following version and have been on it for a while now. Wifi has always been causing issue with kicking off all the devices but not as much as it has been lately.

Any one else experiencing any similar issue?

Only 5 or 2.4 GHz as well?
For 5 this could be DFS which is usual.

Both 5 and 2.4 have the same name.
I can see the wifi SSD is still available but the devices can not connect as it keep saying connection denied.

Your router has another signal? Something very close to router. For example mobile, usb dongle, microwave…

Or conflict channels WiFi :thinking:

I have used a GL.iNet GL-MT3000 (Beryl AX) in the same spot for a few months before I bought Flint 2.
Never had a problem with the wifi on that model. I have downgraded the version to 4.5.2 the wifi is bit more stable now but the wired connection has started to play up (connection drops for a few sec) and my remote desktop connection drops off.