Wifi name repeated for wireless and WISP

Maybe this is obvious, but I think I’ve observed an issue if a router has an existing WISP configuration and you try to have the same Wifi connection.

Specifically, I have a home router that radiates a ssid/password. I have a travel router that has a setting to WISP to that router. (I use it for testing purposes).

The home router is being taken off line, so I had the bright idea to put the travel router in its place, and change its ssid to what the home router had. Across three Gl-inet routers, that resulted in mayhem. I suspect it isn’t possible for the routers to have a wired connection to a cable modem and radiate an SSID/password combo, while at the same time having a repeater configuration with the same SSID/password combo; even though it is not possible to be wire-connected and WISP connected at the same time.

When I reset the travel routers to defaults the problem went away.

If you want to use the same SSID, please try Lock BSSID.

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Thanks. I’m not sure that is it. Say you have a wifi router connected by wire to a cable modem. The router has an SSID of “HomeWifi”. You have previously connected your travel router via WISP to that SSID, and have it broadcast an SSID of “TravelWIFI”. Now you unplug the wifi router from the cable modem and plug the travel router into the cable modem, so its WAN is Cable and it is broadcasting an SSID of “TravelWIFI”. All is fine, but all your devices are trying to connect to “HomeWifi”. So you change the SSID on the travel router to “HomeWifi”.

What I experienced was the travel router then repeatedly disconnecting from the Cable WAN connection, and repeatedly disconnecting from the wifi devices, as if it is cycling back and forth between the Repeater connection and the Cable connection.

That’s different than making the WISP connection with “HomeWIFI” and wanting the travel router to also use an SSID of “HomeWIFI” for its LAN.

What is the firmware version of this travel router? Did you manually disable repeater on this router before changing the SSID?
There is no obvious disable button for repeater on the 3.x firmware. Maybe this issue is caused by it still trying to repeat “HomeWifi”?

BerylAX, 4.2.2 and Mango 2.15. I think there might be a repeater wifi config someplace, and when a regular wifi ssid is configured with the same name there is an issue, as perhaps you suggest.

Which one is using “HomeWifi” as its SSID? If it is BerylAX, you should see the Disable button in the repeater Card on the internet page. You should just use it to disable repeater.
Thanks for your feedback, we wii test the case.