WiFI Radios Disabled and Will Not Re-Enable | Beryl AX (GL-MT3000)

Howdy y’all,

I recently got my Beryl AX GL-MT3000 and have so far been very impressed with the unit, but I recently ran into a completely breaking bug that made the unit unusable, until I factory reset it.

For some reason, when I moved homes into another, the unit refused to broadcast a WiFi signal; the radios appeared to be completely off, from a TX perspective. I as able to plug-in using ethernet, and it stated on the wireless page that it was stuck “checking channel availability”. Rebooting the unit or setting the wireless networks to auto channel selection did not fix the issue. The only thing that got it for me was a full factory reset.

Has anybody else ran into this issue? The firmware was fully up-to-date before I resorted to factory reset.


Can you please clarify which F/W, in your up to date comment? Others have resorted to snapshot firmware (beyond beta), with varying degrees of success, for various issues.


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Please upgrade your firmware.
GL.iNet download center

Hi @SmurfonToast, thank you for the clarification! I was running 4.1.3 both then and now, which is the most up-to-date stable F/W. If it happens again, I may try the snapshot.

I’m also having an issue where when changing the the Wi-Fi network it’s connected to for repeating, it disconnects all wireless clients connected to the router. Are others similar success with the snapshots for that issue?

Hi @yuxin.zou, unfortunately this is a vague statement. I was then and currently still am running the most up-to-date stable release, which is 4.1.3. Are you suggesting updating to a beta/snapshot like @SmurfonToast did?

Yes, some issues about Wi-Fi was fixed in 4.2 beta. It maybe solve your problem.

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I am on the 4.2.0 beta 2 as well (which fixed some WiFi issues I was having with a Repeater connection);

but @elorimer Beryl AX cannot connect to my existing Wifi - #5 by wcs2228 resorted to the snapshot (also for WiFi issues but unspecified).


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Thank you both! I’ll consider both to be a solution, though I’m not sure how to get the issue to replicate. I’ll report back if it occurs again!