Wifi Repeater without Password and Welcome URL

I have an GL-AR300M-lite router and want to do the following:

  • connect the router to a wifi (password enabled)
  • share the wifi connection using the router wifi access point with others without password protection (Free Wifi)
  • as soon as somebody connects to the router wifi access point, he/she should be prompted to a specific welcome url in the browser

Is this possible with OpenWRT and the router firmware?

Regarding security issues: yes, normally I won’t do this (access point with no password).In my very specific case it is safe enough and the only way to achive what I need.

I am thankful for your advice!
Best regards

EDIT: it seems that the OpenWRT Package “nodogsplash” does something similar to what I need. Is this possible to run on that router?

Do you mean a captive portal? If it does, you can use wifidog, Nodogsplash or Coovachilli.

Were you able to set the captive portal ?
I used nodogsplash. But it is not working when i connect to the SSID.
Instead if i try, i can see the splash screen
Any idea whats missing here… ?

If using portal, you need to turn off the firewall as the portal is the firewall.

Configuring nodogsplash should not be difficult.