WIFI signal control

Hey gl.inet community!

I am new to the forum and have recently owned a GL-X750 V2 C6 (European version) that I would like to use in a camper.

I would also like to use the device in the camper to use the WiFi or a hotspot offered at the campsite.

During testing, I noticed that the GL-X750 has no control over the quality of the WiFi signal received from the hotspot. However, this would be very helpful when setting up the device in the camper.

The quality of the LTE signal is apparently displayed on the device.
A similar bar display would also make sense for the live WiFi signal.

Is the received WLAN signal measured internally by the GL-X750?

Would it be possible to display the signal in the app?


You can check the repeated signal live in Luci under the wireless section.

Thanks for the info - I have now tried LUCI, the field strength of the hotspot is actually displayed.

Would it be possible to implement this function in the Gl.Inet app on the 1st page?

That would be very useful when setting up a hotspot!

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Thanks for the suggestions. I put it in feature list. Should be available in firmware 4.x

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Thank you for this positive information!


When can version 4.x be expected?

Another suggestion would be to equip the successor device to the Spitz with external antennas for WIFI (2.4 and 5 GHz).

That would be a great router for use in the camper !

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Maybe beta will be available this month

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… where can I find the beta version of the app?

Do you mean firmware 4.x? You can find here Actions · gl-inet/gl-infra-builder · GitHub

But I’d rather you hold on and wait for a beta.

yes of course i’m waiting for the beta - but where can i find it when it’s finished?

It will be available in dl.gl-inet.com when goes to beta