Wifi WISP mode - Removing, AND gateway devices on GLI Gui GL-MT300A

I setup wisp mode on GLI Gui … when I go to openwrt side, and try to delete the associated station, I couldn’t delete it, it just refreshes the screen, but stays connected.


Also - strange thing is all the devices on the Gateway were showing as DHCP devices on the GLI device.

For testing purposes, I setup a guest network on my primary router, and on it disabled guest intranet access. So that devices joined to this SSID can’t see the rest of the network. However, the MT300A listed several devices (not mac) in the DHCP section. How is that being done?


Don’t use GLi Ui with LUci to do the same thing. There are a lot of settings to do when you set up WISP, network, wireless, firewall, dhcp etc.

It seems like WDS, when GLi router is bridged to your main gateway, when all devices is available to each other. These devices may get IP address from GLi router because it is bridge to your gateway and now there are two dhcp servers.


Strange, when I try to connect via LuCI, it doesn’t associate with another AP. The Encryption, even though I set to PSK, is showing Encryption- on the LuCI gui.

If I check /etc/config/wireless I see the proper encryption set

How do I prevent the mt300a from advertising itself as a DHCP server to other devices?


If i’m using WISP mode in a hotel, I do not need or want other devices on the network seeing mine.

I think there is some setting no noticed. It will not advertise itself to other routers. Can you post the setting page of Internet?

alfie - the images are attached.

Note the mac address of the other network’s devices are just 00’s. but the IP addresses are real addresses on that network

I’m connecting to my router’s “guest” network, where i’ve specified that guest network should NOT have access to intranet devices. this is why i’m wondering how the mt300a is seeing their presence.


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sorry updated post with imgur links

Seems I understand the situation.

The WISP mode is working good. MT300A is not seeing your other devices.

MAC address is 00:00… means these devices is not connected, even detected. Why they are listed here is because they are in your arp table. For example, when you want to ping, which is not a valid IP address, it will appear here too. If the IP is valid, the real MAC address will appear.

I think these IPs may be added when you use LUCI to delete the stations, which is actually not there any more.

If you reboot your device, all these things will go away.

Thanks - that makes sense. If I understand correctly: my laptop that’s connected to the MT300A, makes a request to say, so it gets added to the arp table on MT300A, but it doesn’t mean it’s a reachable address?

Yes. If mac address is 00:00:00:00:00:00, it means not a accessible device. Actually this should not appear in the UI. We need to remove this.