Will my Puli EC25-EFA work in the USA?

I’m based in Europa and own an Puli GL-XE-300C4 which has a sticker that says “EC25-EFA”.

4G in Europe works fine. But will it (4G/LTE) work on my trip to the USA as well? Without restrictions?

I found similar topics, but was unable to find this specific model, or (preferred) a comprehensive list of versions and specs to compare…

The EC25EFA is the full name of the EC25E MINIPCIE, you only have European LTE bands available and it’s likely to struggle in America.

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Thank’s for your answer. But there are so many versions that now I am confused. Is there a comparison table somewhere? The sticker says EC25EFA, which is probably EC25E. Amazon.nl also indicated ec25E in order history

FCC ID (FCC ID 2AFIW-XE300C4) shows "internal photo’s: ec25AF or EC25 AFFA
contains FCC ID (FCC ID XMR201808EC25AF) also suggests EC25AF

Which one should I take for USA? And which LTE-bands do I need for the USA?
We’ll be round-tripping the south-west of the USA with two data-hungry teenagers on the backseat…I’ll have to purchase a seperate data-simcard. Probably Verizon or TMobile?

I found out the first link has the Quectel comparison table when zooming out to 30%
AM I riight the EC25-AF is the most versatile for north america?

Can I just order such a PCIe module and swap out the EC25E when visiting the USA? Will the Puli-firmware work? (And what If I swapped it for an RG255C 5G module?)

You can just swap the module.