Will not connect to

The router connects to the internet and I can connect to my devices but, when I try to connect with I get no response. It times out. I have tried resetting the router but that does not work. Suggestions. It is the GL-SFT1200

Do you use repeater mode?

I was using it in with the ethernet cable connected to a LAN plug in a hotel.

First: Don’t do this.
Sometimes the LAN plug in a hotel provides current because of passive PoE - in that case it will simply destroy your LAN port or even the whole router.

Second: While connecting to your router, which IP addresses did you get? was provided in the instructions

It’s not about the instructions, it’s about the IP addresses your devices get.

If you changed, for example, the LAN segment then the IP of the router will change as well. So best would be to connect to your router and look into the IP he provides you.

The router was working fine on both the 2.4 and 5 mhz bands.

Double check your device is not private DNS, could be can’t reach to

Thanks, where do I find that?

Depend what device you have?
For example android : setting > connection & sharing > private dns make off.

I belive you did not touch setting DHCP in your router :thinking:

You could check your gateway IP address which your connect WiFi setting:

Did you try incognito mode when accessing Sometimes browsers may have VPN extensions that could block local ip