Will these antennas improve the Spitz GL X-3000 5G cellular performance vs the stock ones?

I am having some weak signal issues


You can choose antenna recommanded in GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet.

Thank you, those are outdoor antennas, I am looking for INDOOR antennas, do you have a recommendation? Thanks

These are the signal results with the Antennas:

The stock antenna that comes with the X3000 has undergone extensive testing to ensure better signal reception. If you want better Cellular signal reception, move the product closer to a window or replace it with an outdoor antenna.
Other indoor antennas may work better than the stock ones.

I would agree… chances are “other” antennas probably won’t fix issues you may be having. Probably need to relocate the modem closer to the window or grab an external antenna to help with issues.

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