Windows 10 crash with AR750 Travel AC Router

All Windows 10 laptops coming in the neighbourhood of my AR750 router crash. Dell, Acer, HP, … . No problems with Android, iOS, MacOS and linux.
Obviously a problem in the windows wifi driver, but still, it must be something in the packages this router sends out.
Blue screens in Windows 10 differ, but one is eg:
Stopcode: SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED - Error in Netwbw02.sys
This an openWRT issue or my router ?

Info on Netwbw02.sys: NETwbw02.sys file information - The process known as Intel® Wireless WiFi Link Driver belongs to software Intel Wireless WiFi Link Adapter or ___ Intel® Wireless Adapter Driver for Windows (version 8.1 - 64 Bit) by Intel (

Windows Blue Screen should not be releated on connected router.

  • It can be you can fix your windows problem by updating your network driver. It can be its releated on adress or irq colission of not realy plug and play hardware on your pc.

I have the issue on at least 5 windows laptops of different people. As soon as they try to work in our fablab, their windows crashes.
I tried reinstalling windows 10 with latest image of Microsoft. The windows install crashes on the screen for wifi setup
Tried updating drivers, but no new drivers available.

As soon as you leave the fablab, or switch off the router, windows works, installing windows works, …

Clearly, it seems other people with this router don’t have this issue, as windows crashing should be known already in this forum.

  • disable in you Windows, “Reboot by Errors like Bluescreen” If you do this, you will see not only a Reset, you will see a Blue Screen and Error Codes on Blue Screen.
  • check you have yellow or red marked hardware (driver problem, Io adress, IRQ adress) in your Windows