Wired to Wan port, so slow!

Just got a Beryl, and curious why I can’t secure some faster speeds. My net speed I get on average is around 500 Mbps, I think I pay for a Gig down. When using the beryal as a router and repeating the wireless signal I get a speed hit around 130 Mbps. When I wire from modem to beryl I get 230 down, still vastly parling in comparison to right out of the house modem/router from spectrum with which I get 500 and up. Am I doing something wrong, or have expectations that aren’t founded ?

I think your expectations might be a bit high for the product. I used to use one and my experience is broadly the same, but I only needed to peel off a 100MB network - so fine for me.

Finding a router less than $100 that will “route” at 1GB wired substained is actually quite hard, finding one with openwrt features, more so.

The Beryl is a travel router, so raw routing power is not its aim, simple VPN, ability to move WAN between remember Wifi, Mobile and Ethernet is more the aim. Very few hotels will give you a Gigabit Internet access, even if the room has a Gigabit interface.

Having said that prices are falling all the time, one might have come along or be coming along soon.


Hey Jfxmedia, was your 230 down done with a device plugged into the LAN port or was it connected via wifi. If wifi, that sounds about right. If wired, then something is off as I’ve typically gotten between 850 and 950 down when wired on both WAN & LAN. Not on a beryl but it shouldn’t matter.