Wiregaurd server using a wifi extender (Mango router)

Hi, can I set up a wiregaurd server on a Mango router, using a connection to a wifi extender?

Setup: Modem → router → wifi extender → mango (WG server)

What’s the goal? To use the mango as a WG server?

yes, WG server on the mango! I have port forwarding and the port open on the main router, I was wondering if there’s anything I should be doing with the wifi extender network?

Instead of the wifi extender, it would be better to set up the WAN on the Mango using wifi repeater connection directly to the wifi on the router, if feasible.

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hi, I would agree… I tried with repeater and it seems like it doesn’t have static IP assignment option, which is why I’m trying to go through an extender’s ethernet connection (cable allows for static IP assignment)

Do you need an extender? Access point should be the easiest (haven’t tried to see if the firmware allows it, but nothing should prevent it)

Just use repeater.

And use static IP binding on your main router.

But for a vpn server, pls use cable which is much stable.

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You should be able to assign a static IP, instead of DHCP, via LuCI → Network → Interfaces → WWAN → Edit. You can also consider setting up your main router to give out a reserved IP to the MAC address of the Mango.

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