Wireguard: Access from client to the router LAN


I was using OpenVPN before with another router and want to switch to Wireguard. So I decide to try the GL-MV1000. (:
This is my setup:

Wireguard itself is working. I’m able to ping the internal interface
The client with is directly connected to the Brume and is also listed as a connected device.
But if I try a ping I got the message ‘Target port is not reachable’ and I’m not able to get access via browser to the clients interface.
By default, the firewall has an routing lan → wan/wireguard; wan → ‘reject’ and wireguard → wan/lan.
I should be able to access the LAN, no?
Or I have to do a special routing? I tried, but without success. ):

It will be great if someone has an idea.

Best regards,

first can you connect to lan and ping client. (make sure it’s responding)
can you ping the internal wireguard address from the client. something like

is you local network where the client is perhaps using networks or

I can ping, but I can not ping If I do a ping to addresses like this, I got the message ‘Target port not reachable’.
I’m also able to make a ping to and, the addresses of the Brume Eth-interfaces.
But I have internet access through the WG tunnel. :open_mouth: