Wireguard and Local Subnet

Hello. I have a WireGuard VPN server at home. When connecting with a laptop or phone remotely, everything goes as planed and I can access local resources. I get a “virtual IP address” in the subnet. The Server at home is on the network.

When I connect my new gl.inet router as a WireGuard Client, the devices that connect to that travel router can access the internet just fine, but I can’t access any devices on the network. On that home network, I can ping the virtual IP address of another client like a phone, but I cannot even ping the IP address of the gl.inet router. Any ideas? Of course the devices behind the travel router have a address, so they’re not seeing the fact that they have that virtual IP address at all. Thanks!

Any difference if enable the local access ctrl in wireguard client?

The gl.inet router is the client. I’m not in front of the router now, but I can’t find anything about the setting from Google. Thanks.

Found a anwser? I have the same problem.

Check out Site-2-Site config