WireGuard + antifilter + DNSCrypt -> Flint (GL-AX1800)

Hello, can you add → luci-proto-wireguard for GL-AX1800 Flint ?


So that you understand the big picture, I want to organize a point bypass of the locks → Point-by-round PKH locks on an OpenWrt router using WireGuard and DNSCrypt / Sudo Null IT News / using lists ( https://antifilter.download / (for Russia) ), it worked on a regular openwrt 21 well. Thank you for your help!

Do you have an understanding of how I can organize this on Flint (GL-AX1800) ?

Thank you!

Sorry that luci-proto-wireguard is not compatible with base luci package, even install it manully, the proto option will not show. We’re trying to mitigating to openwrt 2102, it’ll will be solved then.

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Thank your reply. Suggested a solution → Introduction to VPN Policies and add rules in Batch on GL-iNet Routers

I’ll let you know how it works later.

Hello! Uploaded → https://antifilter.download/list/allyouneed.lst (rename manual-list.conf) → /etc/route_policy/domin_name/via_vpn/ The router behaves incorrectly after a certain time, freezes, does not connect to wi-fi

After a reboot, the memory is catastrophically used, if nothing is done, it will be 94-95%, the router works poorly in this case.
If you turn off the option - Override DNS for All (this is an example, it is possible to turn any other option on / off), then the router comes into working condition and memory usage is normalized. Perhaps some processes are not working correctly, which causes this problem.


Version: 3.208

manual-list.conf + log.zip (41.5 KB)

I have the same issue.
I want to install luci-proto-wireguard on my GL-AX1800 but the package is still not available.
I’m using 3.212 firmware.

@hansome Do you have any update on the missing package?

You can update to the latest public beta, this version includes luci-proto-wireguard.


Just select local upgrade in the web panel, and select the downloaded tar file to start the upgrade (settings will be reset).

I tried to upload the firmware but the web UI said " Failed! ERROR: Incorrect firmware format! Please try again!".

Sorry, I sent the tar instead of the image.


This one is for upgrading through the admin panel.

I successfully upgraded the firmware but I cannot install luci-proto-wg because of the failure of source update.
The same error was reported here.

Do you know how to fix it?

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@alzhao Maybe you can help out here😄 seems to be some packages missing from glinet’s repo

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It is a problem in AX1800 beta.

I tried on AXT1800 firmware it is fine.

Before AX1800 4.x firmware update, you can change the repo manually. AX1800 Flint v4.0.1 no Zerotier no AstroRelay - #8 by alzhao

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