WireGuard (Client and Server)

Have been researching into this subject and planning to paid for WireGuard service soon.

Anyway, this video is really interesting. He uses one router as a WireGuard Server and another one as a WireGuard Client. It showed me the difference between using Client and Server.

Use Home IP Address While Traveling with GL.iNet AX Slate, Opal, and WireGuard® VPN

If I was to sign up for a WireGuard paid service, I would use the WireGuard Client section on my router right? If yes, then what else would the WireGuard Server be used for?

I have tried to use TOR to see if I can be as in America. It was slow and tacky. I might have done it wrong.



For providing your own WireGuard server so you can connect to your home network.

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Pretty much like in the video then because that is what he used for.