WireGuard Client configuration only accepts max. 15 "Allowed IPs"

I need to set up a WireGuard Client with more than 15 “Allowed IPs” (using Firmware version 4.2.3).
But the input mask only allows entering max. 15 IPs.
When I directly add more than 15 IPs into the configuration file and press “Apply”, the configuration file disappears, and I get an error message “Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device”. Rebooting doesn’t help.
The only thing I can do then is to delete the complete WireGuard Client configuration and set it up newly again (with max. 15 IPs).
How can I create a WireGuard Client configuration file with more than 15 IPs - which is usually easily possible?

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It’s a feature under development.

But… you really need more than 15 subnets in there? You can use CIDR notation.

Thank you for your prompt response @Cal . More than 15 subnets are indeed necessary, and CIDR won’t help in this case.
When it’s a feature under development, we’ll have to wait and have to see to find a workaround for it. Hopefully, it’s going to be implemented soon, as my team was especially equipped with GL.iNet routers for using WireGuard efficiently and never experienced this kind of restriction with WireGuard outside the GL.iNet environment.

This is a bug, we have reproduced it and are working on a fix.

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How many IPs will be suitable for your use case? Say is 240 enough?
We need to enlarge the buffer array to fix this.
By the way, see if you can merge some IPs for subnet.