Wireguard client reconnects after working for a few days with failure

Hey guys, I have a problem with Wireguard client. The situation is when the router is connected to Wireguard server after some time like 1-3 days it has a status “reconnecting” but reconnection itself doesn’t work I always need to turn off the Wireguard client, reboot router and connect again then it works.

I’ve seen the change log of software 4.4.5 and it says that there is a fix “Fix WireGuard cannot reconnect after working for two days.” GL.iNet download center

But it didn’t work properly before 4.4.5 and on v4.4.5 as well. Any ideas?

Router is GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX
Version of software 4.4.5

Hi do you use multi-wan with repeater? What’s your VPN service provider?

For better reconnection while network issue happens. Try removing listen port and setting lower MTU of the wireguard conf, like

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The server created by my own on windows by using this package GitHub - micahmo/WgServerforWindows: Wg Server for Windows (WS4W) is a desktop application that allows running and managing a WireGuard server endpoint on Windows

Interesting fact that while gl-inet tries to reconnect - I can connect for example from my phone to wireguard server. At least it means that server works properly.

Got it, I’ll give it a try and will watch for it :blush: