Wireguard client setup issues

Hi all,

I would like to start saying that I am not am expert.

I am trying to set up a wireguard client on my Mango mini router. I created the public and private keys and sent them to a VPS I rent into the cloud.

I activate the wireguard client VPN using the manual settings on my mango mini router but it doesnt work. It keeps seeing the IP of the laptop instead of the IP of the VPS.

It looks like the mango is not redirecting the traffic through wireguard VPS.

Is there anyone that tried to do something similar? Is there a manual or instructions I can follow?


Your first mistake was to send your private key anywhere - it stays in the local config file. Ditto the cloud private key.
You swap the two public keys.
So, first step is to make sure you have the two correct config files.
Is the Cloud server Linux? What flavour (eg. Ubuntu) and what host?
Second step is to search for a guide online (eg. setting up Wireguard on Ubuntu on AWS/Digital Ocean/Oracle etc.).

Thanks for your reply. I am trying to set up a VPS on ubuntu. The cloud provider is Ionos.

If I ping the client from server is unreacheable. If I ping the server from the client also is unreacheable.

Sounds like your conf files are wrong.

It might be worth you trying a fresh install with one of the scripts out there:

thanks for your help. I had issues again with the setup. I had to adjust the firewall on Ionos to open the port (I think that is what was stopping me yesterday). Using the script from angristan I still had issues until I delete the ipv6 (that my cloud provider doesn’t support). Now is all up and running. thank you very much for your precious help