Wireguard client won't connect to wireguard server. Client ahows amber light but server shows green

I was successful connected to Wireguard server from my client with out fault, but after disconnecting (moving from place to place) and relocating a couple of times, my client is no longer connecting to the server successfully. I get ‘ the client is starting please wait’ but it won’t turn green and connect successfully. What could it be? My isp router is a static ipv4 and when I’ve looked at my server, I can see that it is running correctly with the green sign instead of amber. Any advice please

Please check:

  • Is there a need for port forwarding from your ISPs router to your server?
  • Does your ISP use CGNAT?
  • Does your ISP block WireGuard ports?

Yes u had to port forward for my isp to server

Yes, I*

Also i was connected successfully while moving around for the last 4 months.
Yes ISP does allow portforwarding yo wireguard

So you need to double check if your port forwarding is correct - any maybe even change the port to avoid any blocks by your ISP. For example, some ISPs (like Spectrum) block UDP 51820 and 51821

So port forward again using a different port, What port do you suggest i use? Im not sure which ones i should or shouldnt open l. Pls and thanks

And should i set it up completely from scratch?

Please refer to How to get support quickly to provide more information about your device and setup in general.