Wireguard Config on MUDI works using FW 3.217 , not on 4.xx


i got the following config for wireguard running perfectly under FW 3.217:

ListenPort = 55669

PresharedKey = XXXXXXXXXXX
AllowedIPs =
PersistentKeepalive = 25

But if i am using the same config on latest firmware 4.3.12, it also works but I got issues as soon clients on the mudi try to connect via Wifi. Seems the clients do not get a IP from the local DHCP anymore.

So, what can i do here, to fix that ?

Did you upgrade from 3.x to 4.x while keeping settings?

If that's the case please perform a full reset and don't use a backup to restore the settings.

no, i used a full reset of all settings and configured everything without any backup.

Why is the dns
Should there be a "Endpoint" in your config?

Thats my Adguard Installation at Home, but that does not change anything at all.

Thats a site2site VPN, what do you mean by endpoint ?

In the peer section, you removed the endpoint config.

Maybe you can send me a working Wireguard to test out.

This ist how IT IS configure under 3,217 .... Using the exact same under fw 4.0 the Problem occurs. VPn ist working flawlessly, but clients cannot reconnect to the wifi, they do Not get an IP.

Would like to send you a working complete config, but not public. Can i send private messages here ?

You can now send PM, I promoted your userlevel.
If you prefer to get support in German, you can send me the config as well :slight_smile:

@admon you got a pm with a real config. hopeing for results :slight_smile:

Will test it later this day and send you a reply then :slight_smile:

admon tested now my wg-config and confirmed that the config is okay.

For me, seems to be a bug in the mudi only, question is ... what happens here, for me it looks like dhcp-requests do not work while the wireguard vpn is up.

Can the client connect via wifi when there is no vpn?

Yes, without VPN clients can connect without any issues.