Wireguard Configuration Mango2 to qnap NAS

iam a little bit confused witch setting for the wireguard setting are right for me

I have a working windows 11 client, so the basics are made in the QNAP NAS.

Can someone give me a short description?


The process is the same, and the names are very similar to those you used to configure the Windows 11 client. I mean, you should be able to follow this, and fill in the values in the router config (So konfigurieren Sie die WireGuard-VPN-Server- und Client-Einstellungen in QVPN Service 3 | QNAP)

Is there any specific one that is not clear?

In “privater Schlüssel” you put the “Privater Schlüssel” from QNAP (see Erstellen einer WireGuard-VPN-Client-Verbindung)

In Endkpunkt you need to put your wireguard server address and port (e.g. your QNAP address and port).

I mean, really, this is all written in the link I gave you above.

Thanks for your help.
I try this again in the way that I understand. Dosnt work. But no problem. I will use my windows system. It works for me. There is no endpoint and no setting of a port behind the endpoint

Your windows client needs to have an endpoint and a port as well… see it in the guide above. I am happy to help, but need more specific info of course.

Can you post the System Log (logread) on the Mango when trying to connect to the QNAP?

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