Wireguard connected but no internet. Please help

Hello all.
I just recently received MV1000W and did configure it with wireguard. It connects in about 10-1 seconds, but the issue that when it’s connected i shows bites received/sent. I noticed that bites sent are much higher than received. Example: Sent 1.5mb/ Received 200kb. And I can’t open any webpage, and it looks like no internet at all.
Not sure what needs to be adjusted/configured on the router.
Right before using MV100W I was using MT300N-V2 and the same wireguard config file worked without any issue on it.
With OpenVPN having another issue, where it doesn’t connect (using VPN unlimited, SmartProxy VPN, IPVanish and Nord).

P.S. using VPN Unlimited with wireguard proocol.

Contacted VPN Unlimited and been told that the issue either with my router or ISP (I don’t think the issue with ISP as I wireguard was working flawlessly on my MT300N yesterday (1/5/2020)

Please advise.

I’m having the same issue on the same device. with the same of having more sent than received.

Glad that I’m not the one. What VPN service you are using?
I even checked settings under Advanced side by side (MT300N and MV1000W) and everything was identical.
Today I tried to add again Wireguard config manually and it worked. I could surf the web. Not sure if it’s the VPN Unlimited provider issue or adding config details manually.
Btw, do you have any issue with AdGuard? What firmware your router is on? I had 3.104 and AdGuard was blocking youtube ads, but after updating to 3.105, adguard is not blocking any ads, even I have added filters.

its a home server so i wasnt getting anything on my client end. I’m using 3.105 i was in 3.104 no adguard.
When you upgraded to 3.105 did un check the box about keeping your settings? I just did a reinstallation of 3.105 and I unchecked the box to keep settings and everything so far seems fine.
Worth a try

I actually left check mark on Keep settings, when upgraded to 3.105 and it didn’t solve the Wireguard issue. I was upgrading/downgrading and the last time when I upgraded to 3.105 from 3.102 I actually did uncheck Keep settings and after adding wireguard config details manually it worked. So far wireguard works (knocking on the wood :slight_smile: ) but Adguard is not blocking any ads. Looks like I’m going to spend another few hours trying to figure this out :slight_smile:
Thank you for your update.

@Astra did you find a solution? I appear to be having the same issue, with the high upload traffic but low downloads. Are you using a PiVPN server? I see you say it is a self-hosted Wireguard server.

My separate thread for this issue: Manual Wireguard client does not connect, works on other devices (PiVPN) — Beryl GL-MT1300

Following along, as I am having the same issues. I have upgraded/downgraded 3.102 <–> 3.105 with and without keeping settings and am seeing the exact same behavior as described above with lots more data being sent than received. Confirmed that the config values I pasted in are, in fact, working just fine on my Macbook. The Wireguard VPN shows that it’s connected on the MV1000W and passing some traffic, but just not getting much of any downstream traffic back to it.

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