Wireguard-Connection and FritzBox

I have created a wireguard connection with the current FritzBox firmware 7.39. On the mobile phone, a connection is established with the external FritzBox. However, when I enter the same connection in the GliNet router, no connection is made to the external FB. The GliNet router is behind my own FritzBox and gets its Internet connection from there.
Do I have to release certain ports in the FritzBox so that Wireguard can establish a connection?

Can you clarify:

You have Wireguard server on Fritzbox, right?

You put Wireguard config on your phone to connect to Fritzbox, right?

You use GL router as Wireguard server or you put the same wireguard config on GL router to connect to Fritzbox?

The WG server runs on the external FRITZ!Box and I can connect to it via mobile phone.
My Glinet router is connected to my own FRITZ!Box and gets the connection to the Internet from there. I have inserted the config here (config of the WG Server external FRITZ!Box), but no connection to the WG Server is established.

You should not test while GL.iNet is connected to your Fritzbox directly.

You can test like this: connect GL.iNet to your phone’s hotspot and connect wireguard to your Fritzbox

I have now set up a WG server on the external Mango router. Which ports do I have to open on my own FRITZ!Box so that the attached Glinet router can establish the Wireguard connection?

Please note, the Fritz!OS 7.39 is still a ‘Labor’ version (means something like pre/beta). If there are any issue, also discuss with AVM.
See: FRITZ! Lab | AVM International … Unfortunately not available for the Fritz!Box 7490, even if I would bet they will release the tested features on this widespread router, as well.

Also (as alzaho already asked), why should I want to connect to my Fritz!Box via Wireguard and any Wireguard server behind?
If I make the web-config from the Fritz!Box at port 80 available, I don’t expect to reach any webserver behind on port 80, too… Why should this work different at Wireguard?

Wireguard port 51820