Wireguard connection issues after restart

Hello All,
I recently bought the MT-300N.when i configured PureVPN wireguard manually it worked but it stops working after powering up my router after 2days. it only works when i download and config a new file again. do i need to reconfigure this every time?


Pretty sure this is an issue with PureVPN itself. Since they support Wireguard on routers this problem occurs: Reddit - Dive into anything

My advice in that case: Ask the PureVPN support team about it. And if this does not help consider changing to a better service like Mullvad for example.

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Thanks for the response. i will open a ticket with them.

Keep us in the loop about the result then :slight_smile:

Do you use mt300n-v2? Do you mean if you restart the wireguard client, it still doesn’t connect?

The issue is with Pure VPN. I have been using Mullvad as recommended by @admon and i have had no problems restarting and reconnecting.