Wireguard Connection to 750s

I am running an AR750S with the most firmware 3.025-0618. I am trying to connect to a Wireguard Server I am running at home. (AlgoVPN on Ubuntu if it matters) I can connect to the server without any problems from my phone, tablet and OS clients.

I see there is a lot of work going into connecting to commercial services. Any idea on what I may be able to try? I also note that there is a “requirement” for an Interface Listen Port and that is not required on my server.

So I solved this problem. The issue is that the WireGuard client on GUI does not support entering a PSK. See this bug report 161.https://bugs.gl-inet.com/view.php?id=161

Once I manually entered the pre-shared key in the configuration file it worked.

Seems like it would be a simple fix to get that in the GUI.

We will thinking about it.


I really hope so…you have a great product and I would not think that adding the PSK field to the GUI would be a major change.

WireGuard is really good and the fact that you have it almost there is awesome.

Keep at it!

any headway status on adding the ability to add the pre shared key server wide for all connections?