Wireguard Connection to 750s

I am running an AR750S with the most firmware 3.025-0618. I am trying to connect to a Wireguard Server I am running at home. (AlgoVPN on Ubuntu if it matters) I can connect to the server without any problems from my phone, tablet and OS clients.

I see there is a lot of work going into connecting to commercial services. Any idea on what I may be able to try? I also note that there is a “requirement” for an Interface Listen Port and that is not required on my server.

So I solved this problem. The issue is that the WireGuard client on GUI does not support entering a PSK. See this bug report 161.https://bugs.gl-inet.com/view.php?id=161

Once I manually entered the pre-shared key in the configuration file it worked.

Seems like it would be a simple fix to get that in the GUI.

We will thinking about it.


I really hope so…you have a great product and I would not think that adding the PSK field to the GUI would be a major change.

WireGuard is really good and the fact that you have it almost there is awesome.

Keep at it!