Wireguard don't connect with two LANs interfaces


I have a new GL-AX1800 and I am delighted with it. But I have a little problem.

I attach an image with the net diagram


The HGU router is configured as bridge, it has the ONT integrated and decode the VLANs that my ISP use to TV, Telephone and Internet Access. The wan traffic is a bridge to AX1800, it up the PPPoE conection and DHCP server to my intranet ( and other services.

I configure the second LAN interface because I want to acces to admin panel in the HGU. I configure the route and it works fine.

But the problem is with Wireguard, the clien (iOS) doesn’t connect if the second LAN is enable ( but if I stop it in luCy, the client connect perfectly, but I don’t have acces to HGU web administration.

The error in the client is “Handshake did not complete”.

Internet and others are working with both LAN interfaces, only fail Wireguard.

Any Idea?

Thank you so much

PD: Sorry for the english

What do you configure in luCy? Where is the iOS connecting to?


I finally resolved the problem, when I bring up the second interface I configure a new gateway ( and then appear the wireguard problem.

I fix it if I leave this field blank and configure a static route to through