Wireguard external clients not using AdGuardHome


I installed AX1800 with WG server so my external devices can connect to my home network.
Also installed on the AX1800, is Adguardhome by the app button provided in the GUI interface.
AdGuardHome is working good for the internal clients, 192.168.8.x but when connecting my Android phone to the WG server(, it does not filter the ads.

Before, I had installed AGH manually and then, the external clients were filtered.
I guess it must be a setting.

Anybody who can help me to solve this?

Thank you.

Are you sure you have modified the DNS settings for your wireguard client config? The default DNS are:

Go to Wireguard Server > Profiles | Find your client name/profile and edit "cog icon" click "set more" and adjust the DNS to that of your glinet router IP

Alternatively you can just modify your client config on your device with your glinet router IP that way.

you will also need to enable LAN access for this to work.
Do note that you can't utilise policy based routing in this mode if you have enabled vpn cascading VPN Cascading - GL.iNet Router Docs 4.

Hello, first of all, thank you for your quick replies.

I'll start to respond to @j2zero first: I haven't changed the DNS address and I tried it after your suggestion. It works but when I change the DNS to, I can't reach my home server(Ubuntu) (using X-plore/Android) any more. Changing back to and my home server is accessible.

In response to @Pro4TLZZ , Remote Access LAN and IP Masquerading are activated. Client to client NOT.
In Global options Block non VPN traffic is NOT activated but Allow access WAN and Services from GLinet, are activated.

Greetings Tom

How about change to

Are you using wireguard on your phone or computer?

Do you use IP or local DNS to access your Ubuntu?


@alzhao I changed the DNS to and that did the trick.
Both X-plore and AGH are working on my mobile device.

I use mu local IP address to access my home server.

Thank you for your help,

Grt Tom

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