WireGuard for CyberGhost VPN provider

Hello, everybody.

I am currently using an MV1000W (Brume). Is it possible to use the VPN provider CyberGhost via the WireGuard protocol with the firmware 3. 201 Beta6? If YES, what does the howto look like?

With best regards from Germany

Any VPN that generates a wireguard config file can be used.

If you go to wireguard client and choose manual, you can paste the text from the wireguard file into the UI and it will use this to fill all the fields.

Currently cyber ghost only supports wireguard in app and not on routers, only OpenVPn. :ghost::roll_eyes:

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Seems like that defeats half the purpose of wireguard…

There’s a few providers that (currently?) only provide Wireguard via their apps and some that still don’t support Wireguard at all.