Wireguard GL-AR750

Hi, I‘m from Germany and new here.
I bought a GL-AR750, firmware 3.0.10. It is connected to the internet by cable through a fritzbox 7490. Internet works.
I try to install Wireguard Server, but it doesn’t work.

I press Start.
Then I creat a new client: Gl
But if I press Configurations it shows: Warning: No Internet
What‘s going wrong, what can I do?
Thank you.

Does the router can access the Internet? If it can, it is a bug for old firmware, could you please upgrade to the latest testing firmware?

You can download it from GL.iNet download center

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What is the Network Adress of FritzBox?
What IP (net) has the GL-AR750?
What IP has the GL-AR750 in your FritzBox?

Ich habe letzte Woche auch wie verrückt probiert und ich habe es geschafft…

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