Wireguard GL.iNet GL-E750 (MUDI) with Mikrotik

Hello Everyone,

I have a Mikrotik router on which several Wireguard connections from other Mikrotik routers arrive.

Now, I’d like to set up a Wireguard connection on the GL.inet GL.iNet GL-E750 (MUDI) to my home, and a second one to my office router.

I’m not quite understanding the Wireguard configuration on the GL.Inet.

Does anyone happen to have a configuration that I can directly copy into the GL.Inet after I’ve placed my keys and IP addresses there?

Thank you.

You can enable wireguard server on glinet product, and then generate a configuration file for client.The content format of that file is what you need for wireguard client.

Do you only need to configure only the client on the router?

Is it necessary to make additional settings on the “Wireguard server” if the GL.Inet is only supposed to establish a connection to the Mikrotik?

Hi @Dustin282

I’m not familiar with Mikrotiks implementation of WireGuard, but In most situations you will need to add a client configuration to your server. Which matches the public key, IP address and if used the pre shared key with the GL-iNet rohter.

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