Wireguard Interfaces missing in Luci


i need to configure some DNAT and SNAT Rules for my wireguard VPN.

I saw that

  • wg0 the vpn server is missing in the interfaces within luci
  • the wireguard firewall zone has in its config files a device soecified (wg0) - but this is not visible within luci?

Can I simply create the missing wg0 interface (what i see via ssh with ip a on the router) under luci or will this break my vpn?

I‘ve also seen that my interface LAN has no interface specified in the config (the file contains a whitespace). Does rules within this Zone/Interface are working? Do you know where I can find the default content of /etc/config/firewall wirhout the need to reset the device?

Thank you

@Leo can you help here?

Sorry, I don’t know this.

@alzhao can you also check this issue? I thin the interfaces should here for advanced configurations. Where we can place feature requests?

Seems that you need to create the interface manually.

@alzhao when I create the interface manually, then the S2S connection drops, so It’s not working.
How I manage to set a firewall-rule on a S2S tunnel (using wg1)?

I see. If you use S2S, better not to touch the config manually.