WireGuard Issues - Slate AX


I noticed that every once in a while, one of my WireGuard configs will stop working even though on other devices, the same config with the same keys will work on the same network, so it’s not the upstream. I also notice that as soon as I create new keys for the WireGuard interface, it seems to start working fine again. A lot of the times it seems to connect but then it disconnects again and provides no internet, but as soon as I install new keys, it seems to work fine. Other configs will also continue working fine.

It seems to happen especially when I switch from using tethering (stop the router) and then move to Ethernet or repeater setting.

Anyone else going through this? I’d be happy to provide logs.


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I also noticed that IPv6 doesn’t NAT right with a single IPv6 on the WireGuard interface. Instead, IPv6 traffic seems to be dropped.

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I got something smilliar aswell, if I go back to repeater mode and then back to wan cable it seems also to be happening.

I do have nextdns active, and wireguard but I cannot use internet even if I try to restart wireguard via the dashboard it won’t connect only when I fully restart the router it fixes it.

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Even if I restart the router it doesn’t fix it, I have to totally make new keys. I also updated to the latest version too.

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Unfortunately Wireguard does not have too much logs.

I want to confirm, you mean “Wireguard client”, not server, right?

When you say “create new keys”, what do you mean? Add a new interface?

Appreciate if you can give me the steps to replicate this problem in my side.