Wireguard keeps failing every few days


Every few days VPN stops working. I’m using ar-750 at both ends. The server side keeps showing that a client is connected but internet doesn’t go through to the end client.
I foolishly restarted the routers before copying the logs, but the VPN log shows that wireguard disconnects for few seconds and connects again “successfully” but that’s when internet traffic stops flowing through. The only way to resolve this issue is to restart my ISP’s modem.

My assumption is the ISP on the server side runs something in the background and screws things up. This impacts both dynamic IP and static IP - I tried both.

Any help please what could cause this and how to fix it?

Maybe you can enable both openvpn and wireguard, so when wireguard beaks try openvpn.

This may tell if specific protocol or ports has problems. When using openvpn, choose tcp because wireguard only works on udp. So maybe tcp is normal.

Interesting, I will have to dig a little. Is there a failover option that can be enabled to fail back to OpenVPN if Wireguard cannot connect? RTFM is an acceptable response if it is covered there.

How do you enable both? It only lets me turn on one at a time on my Flint 2 or Spitz

This would be awesome. Or even a wireguard restart thing. Im on a public IP and it changes sometimes then the tunnel drops and whole house has no internet.

Seems simple enough to have a setup that pings every so often and when the ping fails it restarts the tunnel or router. They sell outlet strips that do that. I would think the routers would have that as a standard feature.

If you have the proxy mode set to Global Proxy you can only have 1 active connection. I am not sure how the routing will work for lan to lan access. You can adjust the route metrics to prefer one vpn route to another. I am still trying to think through how this would work, but I have not had time to play with it yet.

I mean in the server side, not the client side.

As the post is saying need to restart ISP modem in the serve side to fix the problem so the problem is the server side.

For the client side you can just manually switch vpn connections.

thanks! I’ve enabled opvpn on a third router as a server. I’ll find out in few days when the public IP renews

I only have one device connected to a single wireguard client connecting to the wireguard server… the multiple device is not an issue

This would have been client-side. When you configure your vpn, you have various options such that you could run multiple vpn connections (like OpenVPN and wireguard), even to the same vpn server. This is what I will play with. It does not appear to be what @alzhao was suggesting, though, as he was looking at server side.