Wireguard logs where?


from my Provider, i get some wireguard configuration.
Since some days one wireguard configuration is no more working.
How can i see the wireguard logs ?
In the System log i can found nothing,
about wireguard.

Thanks a lot

Unfortunately there is no log for wireguard.

Does the wireguard server have any logs?

My router is showing inbound connections to the Lan from my GL-Inet MT-300A running WireGuard server:

[LAN access from remote] from port 59418 to port 500 Wednesday, Jun 09,2021 00:24:28

[LAN access from remote] from port 47427 to port 500 Monday, Jun 07,2021 04:34:08

That is the access log we added, not the connection error log of wireguard.

Sorry - those log entries above are from my upstream router.

MT-300A is a client on that network, with port 500 opened for Wireguard server. Is there away to see the connection history on the MT-300A

Currently there is no connection history of wireguard server. You can only see online connections.