Wireguard Manual config subnetmessage


I am using the GL-MV1000 router. When I try to complete the wiregraud manual vpn client configuration I got the popup message Caution:Note that only data accessing subnet will pass through the VPN.
I am wondering, do i need to worry about this message? I am able connect to my work station with the GL-MV1000 router. my concern is only this message. can anyone pls comment on this?

If you are only using a VPN to connect to your private network, you can ignore this message.
This message is for those who use a VPN to access the Internet for privacy protection.

Thanks’ for the reply. I will be using the Router VPN to connect my work station so that I can work from different country. I am wondering since i am getting above popup message will it cause any issues?

Looking forward for the response.

It doesn’t cause any problems, it just means that your real IP is still exposed when you access the internet, that’s all.