Wireguard - Mullvad USA servers - STILL b0rked

This is something that’s been an issue for a while now - as in a couple of years.

When using the auto-setup inside the GL.inet VPN dashboard for Mullvad, when selecting USA servers, it only gives an option for all USA servers - of which there are over 200 (222, to be exact). But when the UI goes to load the servers, or update the server list, it only pulls down ~40 something (43, lately). Which are usually not ones that are anywhere geographically close to me.

In the mean time, I have to manually download a zip file of .conf files from the VPN provider, and then manually upload those using the UI one-at-a-freaking-time. Super PITA-factor for people who travel, and want to be able to pick the closest local node via a drop-down list.

Again, this has been an issue for a while now. There’s been a whole new UI rolled out - but this ‘bug’ persists. Any guesses when it’s actually going to get fixed?

It is recommended that you use the App to pull the configuration file.

What model of router do you have?

So that’s the solution to the web UI not pulling the configuration files correctly for years? Use something else?

Current? Slate AX1800. Previously? Beryl MT1300, and Slate AR750S