Wireguard not resolving local hosts via default DNS

When using my GL-AXT1800 Flint in repeater or tethering modes and using the WireGuard client on the Flint it does not resolve local hostnames but does resolve all external hosts. I am internally hosting AdGuardHome as my DNS server and have entered all my hosts in the DNS rewrites. This works fine internally and works if my laptop connects to the WireGuard server with the Windows WireGuard client. It does not work if I fire up the WireGuard client on the Flint and connect my laptop to it. I have the AdGuardHome IP set as the default DNS server in both the WireGuard host and the clients.

I can ping internal IPs and other than resolving local hosts it works fine, and it’s using the AdGuardHome server as DNS. Ex: pinging will work but trying to access the host at that address as adguard.home does not work.

The Flint is running version 4.5.0.