Wireguard On Mt300N Local access but no Internet


I’ve continued to try to get Wireguard on my MT300N-V2 and the Android app.

After following the GLi-Net instructions I can now connect and browse my home network and connected systems using Wireguard on my 'phone

However I cannot access the internet via the Wireguard VPN (which is my primary aim) - I cannot connect either using website addresses (eg google.com) or a sites ip addrexx ( I’m assuming that its more than a DNS issue !

Any ideas to what I need to do ?

Many thanks,


Could you show the wireguard’s status via wg? And ip route.

root@ubuntu-s-4vcpu-8gb-nyc3-01:~# wg
interface: wg0
public key: PkovxEhAlms2tWK9BwaU12yCi3HWKgT9u71TG7ffqEE=
private key: (hidden)
listening port: 51820

peer: k9pwr2WmNBdCUxAAIXeO0zvEqYhUnblKgn7I2e96IHo=
allowed ips:
latest handshake: 1 hour, 49 minutes, 33 seconds ago
transfer: 797.21 KiB received, 42.07 KiB sent

Your wireguard has been disconnected.