Wireguard on slate works with ivpn and tunsafe

tried it on 3.009 and 3.01x testing
for anyone looking to try wireguard client, tunsafe looks to be free and ivpn gives you a few days trial.

I went to tunsafe and created a quick qr code that I scanned with my android wireguard client and it also generated a wireguard.conf file then manually entered the info in the wireguard client section of the glinet router. with ivpn I can’t remember but links on the right side to select wireguard and then wireguard tools and then generate wireguard.conf you can also export after installing ivpn

I’m prollly not accurate here so don’t beat me up on steps just passin along.

update: corrected vpn name and updates

Link, please! … .


udp ports were not in settings with ivpn but I found them in support

UDP 2049
UDP 2050
UDP 53
UDP 30587
UDP 41893
UDP 48574
UDP 58237

for example the following line needs to be added through config.
LIstenPort = 41893