Wireguard perf Brume vs Slate AX (not released - perf announced)


I’m using Brume and get Wireguard client perf of 240 Mbps which is good for such a tiny device. I was never able to go above 250-300 Mbps with Flint, which was quite surprising & disappointing for me actually. (I have a 500 Mbps unshaped / unthrottled fibre line).

Since the processor and both Flint and Slate AX are identical (IPQ6000 1.2GHz quad-core processor), what’s the trick for the Slate AX to announce such a high perf (600 Mbps) using Wireguard ? have you tweaked the firmware in latest beta ?

I’m still wondering whether I’ll upgrade from Brume to this new one (Slate)

I can reach 400+ easily when testing a Mullvad server in my area.