Wireguard Risk of Data Leakage

Hi all,

I recently purchased GL-SFT1200 (Opal) travel router to use while on the road with my VPN. When I attempt to set up the WireGuard Client I receive the below message: “Note that only data accessing subnet […] will past through the VPN. There may be a risk of data leakage. Do you want to continue?”
After looking through some other similar forum posts I am not sure how I should approach correcting this and would appreciate any guidance from someone who has also experienced this issue. Thank you.

From what I’ve seen from sniffing traffic related to my own WG enabled devices ARP & ICMP (eg: ping) packets can communicate outside of the WG connection/tunnel depending on the Client software… at least as related to the Rethink app for Android. See image. I have yet to confirm that’s also the case as related to GL devices. ARP isn’t commonly used outside of the LAN you’re on & it’s unlikely you’ll often using ping.

_2023-12-27 20_58_32-rethink-wg-note

IP Leak will show what’s being sent when TCP/UDP over the WG tunnel.

Thanks for the reply! I’m using a hardwired connection from my laptop to my Opal (which is connected via Wi-Fi to the hotel router) and my location does seem to be leaking. I’ll keep investigating.

Do you mind elaborating on why I wouldn’t often be using ping?

If you need me to elaborate, you won’t need to worry about it. :wink:

If your location is showing via IP Leak it could be something else reporting like browser fingerprinting. Try a privacy based browser like Mullvad or Brave without adding in any extra extensions/plugins.