Wireguard Routing at client


i have a Question to get my setup running.
I hava a Router (FritzBox) an in the internal Network is a AR750s with the WAN Port (IP: On this Interface a Wireguard Server is running. In the Router i activate a Port Forward to .45 for Wiregard.
I generate two Client in Wireguard, one for my iPhone and a second for a remote Site. iPhone Connect works well.

At the remote Site is a AR750 behind a FritzBox. It can connect as Client to my Wiregard Server.

Now i want to connect from 192.168.114.x to the remote Network behind the AR750. But this wont work.

What can i Do?


You can ssh to the AR750S(WireGuard Server), and add your AR750’s(WireGuard Client) LAN subnet to it. Please mind the LAN subnet should not conflict with server side.



thanks for the fast reply. The solution works if i come from the Subnet behind the Server 750s. But i want to come from the .114 net at the Servers WAN. At my FritzBox i set a static route to to So traceroute find the 750s but ther is a route missing, i think.

My Firmware at the Server 750s is 3.0013 and i activate Remote Access.

A second Question now: Where can i find the documentation to all possible options in the config.


In this case, I think you have to enable a forward rule from wan to wireguard.

You can try to add those lines into /etc/config/firewall, and restart the firewall.

config forwarding
        option src 'wan'              
        option dest 'wireguard'

Sorry there isn’t such document for it, but we will add it soon.


thanks this works fine for me.
Is it poosible to deine more than one Subnet at the Option “Subnet” in your first answer.
I have tested many versions, but no one works.


Yes, it can. It is a list option in uci, so you can add more than one subnet. But it depends on the topology in server side.