Wireguard s2s cannot reach devices lan

hi all i have 2 glinet mt300 and one is wireguard server and one is client as in the picture.
i connected to lan some devices with static ip not in dhcp range. from each devices i can ping the static ip but i would like that vpn client could reach them as in the picture

can someone help me to share all lan devices between the two glinet devices? many thanks

Why do you set the subnets like in the diagram? It is just strange.

What is the netmask you are using for each network?

Thank you for your reply. I set them for distinguish better many user in office. The subnet is 255.255.255. 0

If the router is and netmask is, the static IP should be 192.168.8.x and you cannot set, right?

I agree but if for example I add in the lan interface in uci page I can ping device
I would like ping it from the wireguard server side if device is connected to client or in wireguard client side if the device is connected to server

I am not sure. Are you able to access 192.168.100.x from the S2S network?

after many times I can ping it. just onw more question please

if I connect the glinet vpn server to a modem with wan ip and it can ping some client devices and if I have a pc connected to modem too with ip, can i ping the devices in the lan of glinet and the devices connected to vpn client. Or better there is a way to let the internal lan of glinet to forward to the wan of glinet in order to be reach from devices connected to the same wan of glinet?