Wireguard server and mobile phones provider

I bought the GL-X750V2 router with the intention of using it as a WireGuard server, but I can’t find a solution to my problem.

I inserted a SIM card from EE mobile phone provider UK into the GL-X750V2 router, and the router is able to provide data. (I connected to the GL WiFi, and I can see that the IP is from EE.) However, the problem starts when I set up a WireGuard server, generated a QR code, and added it to my phone (using the WireGuard app). I disconnected from WiFi and connected to another operator on my phone to use other Internet data, “Three, mobile phone provider” hoping to establish a connection via the router with the WireGuard EE IP, but without success. Any ideas?

EE Mobile probably gives out a CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT) IP address to the GL-X750V2. This is standard for the majority of mobile providers.

CGNAT IP’s are like 100.x.y.z that get NATed to a single Public IP, which you can see when connected to the router wifi. However, the router cannot be reached from the Internet.

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Thank you for your reply.

Anyone else are able to help? As i bought that router to use any Sim provider with wireguaed aed server?

Try enabling persistent keepalive to a value between 1 and 24. Could be an IP not allowed in wire guard? Shooting fish in a barrel here…

Yeah it’s look like Sim card it’s option it’s useless for gl router and wireguard server.

It doesn’t matter if your ISP is cellular or another type, if you are behind CGNAT you will NEVER be able to run a VPN server. The work around is to enlist a third party that DOES have a public IP address such as a VPS. The VPS becomes the “middle man” and runs the VPN server. You are able to connect your phone to the VPS as it has a public IP address and are also able to connect your GL-iNet router in client mode to the VPS. There are plenty of guides on the internet on how to set this up.

To be clear, the issue is not with the GL-iNet router but with the ISP using CGNAT.

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