Wireguard server/client question

when you run wireguard VPN server(i.e home-vpn network) on the gli.inet router (i.e router#1 )

  1. the devices connect to router#1’s wifi, are they considered to be on home-vpn network or does each device need to connect as wireguard client separately?
  2. If not, I’m trying to run my own wireguard vpn server on router#1 and want all devices connect to router#1 to be also be on the same vpn network. what setup I need to do. thanks in advance.

The devices connected to Rotuer#1 via Wireguard, get IP in subnet.

The devices connected to Router#1 via wifi or lan directly get IP in subnet.

As they are in different subnet, you can allow them to access each other if you enabled “allow local access when you set up the wireguard server”.

But the broadcast data packet is not send across subnet. It means that some devices relaying in subnet discovery will not work.

thanks alzhao. I’m still not clear.

  1. Is it correct to say that the devices connected to router#1 via wifi are not on the vpn?
  2. If no, what needs to be done so that they are also on the vpn when connected to wifi?
  1. Correct.
  2. I don’t know.

Can you someone suggest how I can achieve this setup? Thanks in advance.