Wireguard Server on Gil Mt3000

Hi, I’ve been trying to setup wireguard vpn server on my Gil mt3000, when I start server, create profile and scanner qr code with wireguard app on Android. It vpn connects but can’t access Internet and no clients shows on the vpn server dashboard

Is the MT3000 the only router?
Do you have a public facing IP address?

No please, I’ve connected it to my Internet modem router

I think you have to act with port forwarding by directing traffic destined for a certain port on the router. I have the same router as you and I can easily connect to the GL MT3000 Wireguard server from any external client I use.

If I understand , you mean after in activate and start the wireguard server and profiles, I have to go to my internet router and configure port forwarding ?

I can now connect to the server only when I’m on the same network as the WiFi of the mt3000. When my phone is using cellular it can’t connect to the vpn server

You have to log into your Internet modem router from your ISP and set up port fowarding of TCP port 51820 to the GL-MT300 IP address.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

My mt3000 is connected to the internet modem through wifi. How do I configure the port forwarding in the modem? I’ve tried but seems not to work still

Your modem has wifi, meaning it is a router. It has a web interface that you can connect and configure.

What is the make/model of your Internet modem router? Ask your ISP for instructions if necessary.

My internet Rooter is Huawei wifi 2 pro model

I’ve setup port forwarding etc…on it to connect to mt3000 when I try connecting to the vpn server outside of the network I get Dns probe error

You’d better post some screenshots, showing the IP of Huawei and how you do the port forward.

Need to make sure Huawei has a public IP. If it is a 4G router, it will not have public IP.

It’s a public 4G modem. I don’t have a public static ip.
Is there a way to get a public static for such purpose?

You need to ask your carrier give you special SIM and plan.